Loan Equipment

Magazines, Cards and Equipment Loans
There is a selection of Society Magazines, Privilege Cards and garden equipment
available for loan to Members against a signature at the Membership Desk in the Store.

The Garden – Journal of the RHS
National Dahlia Society Bulletin
The Rose
Chrysanthemum Society
National Vegetable Society
Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies – Monthly Bulletin

RHS Reduced Garden Entry (+1 guest) – not Wisley on Sundays
National Vegetable Society
Royal National Rose Society
National Chrysanthemum Society
National Dahlia Society

Lawn Spreaders (2) 2 charge towards replacement costs
Leaf Vacuum/Blower (2) 2 non-returnable
Lawn Rakes and leads (4) 2 charge towards replacement costs
Anyone borrowing an item is required to return it within two weeks so that other
Members may have the opportunity to use it.
Folding Tables may also be borrowed (2 per table)